From A Secret Place "Chapter One" and "Chapter Two"

by From A Secret Place

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Chapter One was released in 1998, and Chapter Two was released a year later in 1999. These are the first two installments in the sci-fi/ fantasy saga of FASP, which also includes the album Billion Piece Puzzle.

This version of the release includes two extra songs that didn't make the final cut originally, and a reordering of the original tracks. It also has three of the original tracks now listed as a b-sides and sold as bonus material along with a 4th song that would have been an album track had it ever been properly recorded. I think this strengthens the original release.


released January 1, 1998

Chapter One was written, performed, and recorded by Isobelle Fox and akinoT

Chapter Two was written, performed, and recorded by Isobelle Fox



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mother Luna
Barren fields call me back home
From shadow lands, dense with growth
From star spun wonders, wheeling free,
From comfort and security
From the warmth of loving memory

A white light, racing, shatters time
Summoned to our sacrifice,
We spread our wings and fly

Love binds not with chains
Nor commands these futile pains
Love is blind and seperates
And what she builds, she too may break
Here are we in her warmest light,
Our beautiful Mother Luna

No regrets, the flame that burns
By this, the same, we too shall learn
To have and hold, apart
To nuture our endangered hearts
Given to this selfish need,
These silver, tainted, angel wings

We get what we deserve,
And gladly pay the price of love
By measures in return
We fade into the light
Track Name: For Stars
Lirazel trembles, cold and pale,
Regarding Holy Stars, she prays,
Thier light will guide her on her way

Autumn leaves for distant shores
On the twilight fringe,
And she is taken, on the wind
Helplessly back home again

Supplications are made
And phantom images are displayed
Though cold as ice, she vainly tries
For his sake

Your heart can only tell the truth
When something's troubling you
Though his love longs to inspire
Loneliness at last obscures
Track Name: Love Lost
Oh, to see the light at play
on your upturned face-
To catch the shadows as they tumble
Broken in your wake....

I've seen you ressurected
By the power of your faith,
But eventually, I fear,
Both our hearts may break

so from somewhere in the heart of life
Where Life is wild and free,
From the center of creation
Where the sleeping angels dream

I bring to you the gift
That your heart gave to me:
The endless pain of longing
For which there's no relief-

All the tears you've wept with me
And all the smiles you've smiled for me,
All these things will always be
There's no love lost, only set free

Above the earth, Below the sea
From now through out eternity,
For every heart thats ever beat
There's no love lost, only set free

Your innocent desire draws me
Your plaintive voice, purest poetry
I can see that you believe
There's no pain in memories,
There's no love lost, only set free

You always seemed forbidden
Outside the flow of time
As though forgotten in the Garden
Of the Sweet and the Divine
Ageless in your beauty,
I wish that you were mine...
I'll always wish that you were mine
Track Name: Sense/ Antisense
The peace, the passion,
Conferred by this emotion
A state I can't describe, lifts me

My mind's on fire,
I am tempered by desire
I am everything and nothing at once

Shattered, restored,
Given life in different forms
I recognise myself in you-

Wildly possessed,
Awareness laid to rest,
The ash grey light behind your eyes
Is just like mine...

You've got to learn to have faith in yourself
You know you can rely on no one else

These are the rules we live by:
At all costs we keep our passions alive
But we keep them buried,
We keep them inside

This is the reality
Your fantasies invite-

Dreams that leave you hanging
On the edge of the night
Prayers prayed in vain disquiet,
And empty hands

This is the truth that hope hides,
This is the abandonment your heart abides-
Wishes made on first star's light
And empty promises

We are consumed by the fire to feed the light
To fight a darkness that just won't die
Track Name: Emptier/ Lonelier
Backwards into sunlit waves,
Amber streaks across my face

Letting go, letting go

(Because, whem I'm walking with it,
I can see my stranger,
Golden, Distant, transformed into nothing
This is true for me,
For I have yet to get there)

Where you end, I begin,
Endless motion, end on end

Letting go, letting go

(For I have yet to get there?
Trees so high, water so deep,
Souls to scare. The water is cool,
Because that's where I came from.
This I know, because I have to....)

Focus, on the center
Resolve, to a point
Relinquish your uncertainties,

And let go
Track Name: Angel with a Serpent's Heart
"Come with me," the Angel said,
And silently I followed
Over valleys long ago consumed
In Autumn's golden pyre

In delirious orbits,
We wandered between
The earth and sky-
My shade and my guide

"Let me ask you a question,"
The Angel said

"What would you give to be released
From your bonds?

Would you sell your soul to feel complete,
Or just to feel at all?

What if silence answered every plea,
While faith choked on disbelief,
And Darkness swallowed you whole?

What if noone's there to fill your needs,
Hands reaching out to grasp at Nothing,
As you fall?

What would you do if you knew
Heaven was a dream?
Would you be afraid to go to sleep?"

"Look to the stars," He said,
As the first of them appeared

"Though brilliant fires burning,
Far away, they'll bring you no warmth here.
To what do they attest, if not to the
Emptiness of all the rest?
Yet how their light will catch
And glisten in your tears.
Is the night that consumes their light
The fate that waits for you?"

"What would you give to be released
From your bonds?

Would you sell your soul to feel complete,
Or just to feel at all?

What if silence answered every plea,
While faith choked on disbelief,
And Darkness swallowed you whole?

What if noone's there to fill your needs,
Hands reaching out to grasp at Nothing,
As you fall?"
Track Name: The Forest Sleeps/ The Forest Dreams
It was first in the upper bows of the tallest trees that the change occured- that distant azure like a great silent ocean overhead, slowly beset upon by ripples of fire as the sky blazed at its edges in the incinerating light of early dusk. The trees above, where only angels and brave birds dare, reflective of the crimson hour's regal warning of the darkness to come. And finally, below, where shadows began to strengthen in the weaker outposts of the day: the eternal changing of the gaurd, silencing the hosts of the evening, and peace, laid hold, the curtain descended for the final victory of the night. As the first of the stars blazed, unafraid of the receding sun's obliterating flames, the forest breathed deeply of the spirit of the twilight, and was overcome by sleep- and in sleep, by dreams.....

In the heart of this dream are the embers of eternity, without beginning, without end- the tide of the seasons of life and death; the cunning fox, the agile hare, the fleet-footed mouse, the glowing eyes, the songs of the calling of the wolves and night birds, alone amidst the ghosts of generations, legions of the spectral wild-born, entwined amidst the roots and limbs, the vines and the mushrooms.....

There is a vibration, an urgent music to the night. It is within the sounds of life, but life is not its instrument. It is the orchestration of the Divine, perfect in every way, the universal clock which keeps no time, for no time passes here. This is the Dream, unfettered by any mortal chain, which forsakes empty desire and slakes the thirst of the soul once and for all. This is the life that transcends all life, and this is where we are at rest; in peace, in love, forever one, and sleeping wild tonight....